Rift Level Bot - The Platinum Rift Bot

Rift Level Bot automates your leveling, pvp, and farming all for you!

Rift Level Bot

The Rift Level Bot automatically searches and pin points mobs in your grind area and will kill and loot for you. Also you can exclude monsters you do not wish to engage with based on name or level range.

Level, PvP, Farm and more with Rift Level Bot. With it's instant Rift Bot setup it is the only bot of it's kind.

Rift Level Bot gets you from 1 to 50 automatically all on auto pilot, all while earning hundreds of platinum and thousands of Reputation.

It fights, navigates, buffs, rests, PVPs, gathers, and even resurrects on death. With our Rift Bot you have instant automation.

Rift Level Bot is constantly updated, always monitored for any errors and is always secure.

Feature List

Rift Bot levels for you!

  • Instant Setup
  • Background Botting Enabled
  • Harvests for you
  • Human like Navigation
  • Multi Path Load out for bigger level area and progress through areas.
  • Rift Level Bot is always up to date to keep you with the latest releases.
  • Uses Smart Reactive Skills while leveling
  • If your character dies you can return to the grave, soul-walk, or even ressurrect by NPC and continue Leveling.
  • Auto-Unstuck and detects & avoids all obstacles
  • Pre-Defined Class setups to fight and level for maximum effictiveness.
  • Exclude mobs by name & level range.
  • Can use items while resting or fighting based on setup.
  • Heals based on fighting skill or set HP count & uses potions.
  • No computer skills required, just read our instructions to get started instantly.
  • Create your own pathings or use our premade paths to take you straight to level cap.
  • Can choose to avoid kill-stealing for constant leveling and no encounters with any players.
  • Build in pet support for maximum efficiency usage of the pet.
  • Bot status window can be monitored instead of watching the game.
  • Export & Import bot settings to share on the forum.
  • Regular & Combat Buffing as well as party members.
  • Premium Botting Forum Access (Included in membership at no extra cost!)
  • Instant access and setup to get you rift botting fast!

The Undetectable Rift Bot

Need more reasons to use our Rift Level Bot?

  • Rift Level Bot that automates all aspects of Rift for you!
  • Rift PVP Bot & Earn EXP
  • Farm REP & Platinum
  • Gather Ore & Herbs
  • Advanced Combat System
  • Easy to use & config
  • Rift Level Bot always updated
  • Undetected Rift Bot